Intune Win32 Magic: Deploying Modbus Poll with Silent Install

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Modbus Poll is a popular software tool used in industrial automation for testing and troubleshooting Modbus communication. When deploying applications within an organization, it’s essential to have a streamlined process that allows for silent installation and configuration. In this blog post, we will explore how to convert the Modbus Poll executable file to an Intune app using the Intune MEM Installation Behavior User. Additionally, we will cover the necessary steps to achieve a silent install using the command line.

Converting Modbus Poll Exe to Intune App

To convert the Modbus Poll executable file to an Intune app, we will utilize the Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool, available on GitHub. This tool allows us to wrap Win32 applications, making them compatible with Intune. Let’s walk through the process using an example of wrapping Fiddler as an Intune app:

  1. Download the Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool from the following repository:
  2. Open a command prompt and navigate to the directory where the Win32 Content Prep Tool is saved.
  3. Execute the following command to begin the conversion process:
  1. When prompted, specify the source folder where the Modbus Poll setup file is located, for example:
Please specify the source folder: C:\Sources\Win32 App\Modbus Poll\Source
  1. Provide the name of the Modbus Poll setup file:
Please specify the setup file: ModbusPollSetup.exe
  1. Choose the output folder where the Intune-wrapped package will be saved:
Please specify the output folder: C:\Sources\Win32 App\Modbus Poll\IntuneWinPackage
  1. Optionally, if you have a catalog folder to include, you can specify its location; otherwise, choose “N” to proceed without it.

Intune settings

  • Step 1: Login to Portal: Log in to the portal using your administrator credentials. This portal provides a comprehensive management interface for Intune.
  • Step 2: Navigate to App Management: Once logged in, go to the “All Apps” section and select “Windows”. This is where you can add a new app. Click on the “+Add” button to start the app creation process.
  • Step 3: Select the App Type: During the app creation process, you need to specify the app type you want to deploy. Choose the Intune app type called “Windows app (Win32)” and click the “Select” button to proceed.
  • Step 4: Upload the IntuneWin Package: You can now upload the IntuneWin package that you created earlier. Click on the “Select app package file” hyperlink and locate the “FiddlerSetup.intunewin” file you generated previously. Upload this file to continue.
  • Step 5: Configure Install and Uninstall Commands: Navigate to the “Program” page within the app configuration settings. Here, you will need to specify the installation and uninstallation commands for the Modbus Poll application.

For the installation command, enter the following:

ModbusPollSetup64Bit.exe /S

For the uninstallation command, enter:

C:\Program Files\Modbus Tools\Modbus Poll\uninstall.exe /S

After completing these configuration steps, proceed through the remaining sections to customize any additional settings as per your organization’s requirements. Once done, save the settings and deploy the Modbus Poll application to your desired target devices.

Detection rules

…To be completed


By following this tutorial, you have successfully configured the necessary Intune settings to deploy Modbus Poll within your organization. The silent installation and uninstallation commands provided ensure a seamless deployment experience while meeting the specific requirements of your environment.

Silent installations are particularly useful in enterprise environments where large-scale deployments are necessary. Implementing Modbus Poll in this manner allows for efficient testing and troubleshooting of Modbus communication while minimizing disruption to end-users.